Blog Application

Are you a passionate Polish football/soccer fan? Do you live for your national/Ekstraklasa club team? If so, you belong on the SOCA Soul blogging team!

PSN©’s official blog – The SOCA Soul© is looking for new aspiring bloggers who are willing to write weekly blog entries about new happenings and events in the Polish football world. The NIKE© sponsored blog wants only the best and most dedicated fans for the job. If you think your up to it, please take a look at our blogging conditions and guidelines:

  • Must be able to write in basic English.
  • Swearing should be kept to a minimum.
  • Blogging is not about reprinting news, it’s about letting out your opinion to the world. Let your opinion be heard, not someone else’s, that is why people come to read your blog.
  • As long as it’s football related, pretty much anything goes.
  • Video streaming is part of the new internet age. Don’t be afraid of using video’s from popular sites like Youtube©, Dailymotion©, etc to better illustrate your point.
  • Remember to provide some sources in your content. You can source PSN©, but we also encourage sourcing of Polish news journals.
  • Sense of humor is very important too, so don’t worry about adding a little kick to your articles.
  • Commitment is important. The more frequent you write, the more the people come to read. If you want your articles to be popular, write as much as you can.
  • Keep it friendly. You blog about your opinions, but writing insulting and hateful content is where it stops. We don’t tolerate any insults based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

If you believe you fit these, than all you have to do is apply next.

  1. To apply, send an email to
  2. Entitle it “Blog request: Your name
  3. Write a sample or two post about with the above guidelines in mind. If you have previously written for a football blog before, please feel free to include links for reference.