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    Ekstraklasa Round 20: Smolarek awakes Polonia

    WARSAW, Poland. Apr 06 (PSN) - Wisła Kraków defeated Jagiellonia in a match in the 20th round of the Ekstraklasa to secure their top spot and expand the point lead over chasing rivals.

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    Ekstraklasa Round 19: Wisła in the leader’s chair

    WARSAW, Poland. Mar 22 (PSN) - Wisła Kraków consolidated its leading position in the 19th round of the Polish Ekstraklasa

    While the White Star only tied in their last match, neither Legia, Lechia, or Jagiellonia won...

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    Ekstraklasa Round 18: Suprise in Kraków

    WARSAW, Poland. Mar 13 (PSN) - The 18th round of the Polish Ekstraklasa has seen Wisła Kraków further confirm their intentions of winning the Polish championship, meanwhile their rivals lost points.

    Both Legia Warsaw FC, and Jagiellonia Białystok lost...

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    Ekstraklasa Round 17: Wisła in pole position

    WARSAW, Poland. Mar 08 (PSN) - Wisła Kraków, at least until Tuesday, is the leader of the Ekstraklasa after the events of round 17. 

    Meanwhile, Legia continues to rule over the capital, and Jose Maria...

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    Ekstraklasa Round 16: Back in action

    WARSAW, Poland. Feb 27 (PSN) - The Polish Ekstraklasa has returned back to action this weekend with some interesting and thrilling results.

    All clubs have played but Jagiellonia Białystok and Śląsk Wrocław, who have had their match postponed due to...

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    FC Terek Grozny sign Cracovia’s Polczak

    KRAKOW, Poland. Feb 17 (PSN) - Piotr Polczak has left the Ekstraklasa side Cracovia Krakow.

    On Thursday the Stripes confirmed the sale of the defender to FC Terek Grozny.

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    Matusiak leaves Cracovia Krakow

    KRAKOW, Poland. Dec 29 (GK) — Radoslaw Matusiak is negotiating a termination agreement with Cracovia Krakow - informs Gazeta Krakowska.

    The player like former teammate Bartosz Slusarski will look for a new club once his contract is officially terminated.

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    Ślusarski re-joins KKS Lech Poznań

    POZNAN, Poland. Dec 22 (PSN) — Bartosz Slusarski is the new player of KKS Lech Poznan and the club's first signing this winter.

    The former Lechite lastly linked up with Cracovia Krakow has joined the Kolejorz on a...

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    Giza returns to Cracovia Krakow

    KRAKOW, Poland. Dec 13 (PSN) — Piotr Giza has returned to his former club Cracovia Krakow.

    On Monday afternoon the 30-year-old midfielder was presented as a new player for the Belts.

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    Ruch take care of Lech at home

    CHORZOW, Poland. Nov 7 (PSN) — Lech Poznan on Sunday did impressive after it's victory over Manchester City FC on Thursday.

    The Polish champions in the Ekstraklasa are doing much worse now. This time under new coach Jose Mari Bakero...